Hydrata System 3 Pack
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Mandel Foaming Wash 3 Pack
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Gel formulation with high content of Mandelic Acid in synergy with antioxidants, MMs inhibitors, depigmenters and stimulants. Mandelic acid has the particularity of being applied on all skin types and without particular seasonal limitations, as it is not irritating and photosensitizing.


This special formulation is indicated for moderate and intense photoaging treatment. It improves the skin texture and smoothes fine wrinkles especially if combined with a professional peeling treatment with mandelic acid. It also performs a depigmenting action of dyschromias.


Cleanse the skin and apply small quantities of gel with a circular and gentle massage until complete absorption of the product. Apply once a day, or according to the doctor’s instructions, and preferably in the evening.


Aqua • Butylen Glycol • Mandelic Acid • Hydroxyethilcellulose • Phantenol • Fenoxyethanol • Imidazolidinil Urea • Histidine • hydrochloride • EDTA • Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract • Quercetin


50ml bottle

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