Mandel Active Gel 3 Pack
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Mandel White Cream 3 Pack
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Mousse cleansing treatment containing Mandelic Acid, Purifying and Antioxidant Agents.

Delicate, non-exfoliating and highly sanitizing cleanser that does not alter the skin’s hydro-lipid film, effective in removing impurities and excess sebum.

MANDEL FOAMING WASH is a PH balanced treatment, it contains a powerful complex of ingredients that effectively remove make-up residues, impurities and polluting agents, leaving the skin soft, fresh, smooth and radiant. Provides intense hydration and maintains the physiological balance of the skin.

A fundamental cleansing treatment that prepares the skin before applying other treatments. Enhances the penetration of any active substance applied consequently, increasing the level of skin response to treatment.


Ideal for normal to dry skin, in particular for thickened, sensitive skin with skin discolouration.


Apply morning and evening as a normal cleansing treatment. Rinse with water.

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