Mandel Foaming Wash 3 Pack
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Mandel Barcode System 3 Pack
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Intensive, highly effective treatment for the improvement and prevention of all types of melanic spots (such as melasma, chloasma, pregnancy spots, sun spots and age spots) and other forms of unwanted pigmentation both widespread and localized.

MANDEL WHITE CREAM is a specific treatment for home use formulated to significantly reduce pigmentation problems and to uniform the pigment tone by inhibiting the production of melanin.
This formulation combines a pool of active depigmenting agents that help eliminate existing pigmentation and prevent new spots from forming.

The cream enriches Antioxidant and Moisturizing substances, AHA’s and Solar Filters.
Due to its highly lightening action it can be used as a daily maintenance treatment for professional therapies or as an adjuvant to other lightening treatments.


Suitable for all skin types

Directions for use:

Use twice a day on cleansed skin.

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