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Professional Peeling Treatment containing Mandelic Acid enhanced with Citric Acid,
Quercetin and Phytic Acid, which has specific indications for: seborrheic skin,
chrono-aging and photo-aging (mild or moderate), dehydrated skin, and to improve skin
texture and luminosity.
Mandel X stimulates tissue regeneration due to the chemical stimulation induced by the
pool of exfoliating chemical agents content in the peeling. The antioxidant, antibacterial,
sebo-regulator, hydrating and lightening properties of Mandelic Acid make this chemical
peel particularly indicated for the treatment of skin damage on those sensitive skin, with
good skin repair and reactivation results without causing burns or rashes.
• Ideal for young and sensitive skin, and in conjunction with other aesthetic
professional procedures;
• Suitable for use all year round (including summer) and for all skin phototypes;
• It will not produce burning or itching during application;
• No downtime;
• Home-care regimen is recommended to boost and increase the outcomes of
professional treatment.

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