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Micro Hyal Professional

Professional Cream formulated for the bio-regeneration of damaged tissues: it promotes
the fibroblast activation for the neo-formation of matrix components and for the
normalization of the colloidal state of matrix (normalization of hydration).
Micro Hyal Professional effectiveness is due to the presence of Low-Molecular Weight
Fragments of Hyaluronic Acid (less than 8 millions Dalton), which penetrates skin deeply
to ensure suppleness and firmness.
A powerful combination of Amino acids, Antioxidants, Precursors of The Matrix
Components, Chelating Agents and Inhibitors of MMPs make this cream particularly
ideal for the treatment of damaged and dehydrated skin after any invasive aesthetic
treatment (Chemical Peel, Dermal Filler, Needling, Laser, Radiofrequency).

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